Gold of Great Steppe Exhibition Takes Center Stage in Türkiye on Independence Day

In celebration of Kazakhstan’s Independence Day, the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Türkiye and the Foundation of Turkic History and Culture at the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara unveiled the prestigious exhibition titled Gold of the Great Steppe on Dec. 15, reported the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan.

A highlight of the program was the Turkish presentation of the book Ancient Turkic Fine Art by renowned archaeologist Zainolla Samashev. The book showcased numerous exhibits from the Gold of the Great Steppe exhibition, providing attendees valuable insights into ancient Turkic fine art.

Previously, the exhibition gained international acclaim when it was featured at the Fitzwilliam Museum at the University of Cambridge, ranking among the top five exhibitions globally. Known for capturing the imagination of history, art, and culture enthusiasts, the display showcased the rich archaeological heritage of Kazakhstan.

Now, the Turkish audience can delve into the depths of Kazakh archaeology, affirming the nation’s status as a custodian of a profoundly rich historical legacy. The exhibition aims to foster cultural exchange and strengthen the bonds between Kazakhstan and Türkiye, showcasing the shared heritage of the Turkic world.

The distinguished event was graced by the presence of Gokhan Yazgi, Türkiye’s Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, along with ambassadors and diplomats from various nations. Notable attendees included representatives from the intellectual circles of both countries, as well as esteemed academics and historians.